THANK YOU to Our Unit Owners
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THANK YOU to Our Unit Owners
                    Special THANK YOU to our Unit Owners for helping us keep
                                            Marine Colony LOOKING BEAUTIFUL! 
                                             Updated:  October 1, 2022
>    Ann C. …recommending trash signs would look better inside the trash area  rather than outside of fence and bringing to our attention the shuffleboard needed painting. 

>    Amanda ... for making our planters in the pool area and West side  looking fantastic!  
>    Charlie B. ... for putting the trash signs up and painting the wooden post green  so it blends nicely in all four trash areas.   
>    Frank & Pam F. …for identifying areas needing repair and ensuring all is well  maintained. Your residency of over 30  years at Marine Colony is  extremely valuable and appreciated.  
>     Joey W. ... For delivering the laundry cards to the west side of Marine Colony.  
>     Kristen & Donna…for making the West area plants looking Beautiful!
>     Nancy …for giving us nostalgia paper of Marine Colony’s origin.
>     Sandy G. … for great job in making the West Side landscape  on 28th way look so beautiful!
>      Sandy G. ...  for working so hard and helping me set up the laundry cards and  delivering them.  Great job Sandy!
AND... Thank you to the Marine Colony Board Members, James, Susan, Hope, Joey and myself, for all the volunteer hours required to ensure all is running smoothly. 
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